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i recently purchased and mounted the fairing braces from poorducrider.com

They arrived quickly were packed nice and the directions were simple to follow

i will give further comments when i ride farther though with the short ride they worked well and they blended in well with the rest of the dash area

I highly recommend this product

I would be afraid to use this product. When I had a V Max, it had a small cowl like the one on the Monsters. It was very solidly mounted. At high speeds it would cause a bad head shake with any cross winds. I went crazy trying to fix the problem until one day I took it off for cleaning and left it off. It was the hotest part of the summer. I wanted all the air I could get. Once removed, I never had a shake again. I tested the theory. And when I remouted the cowl, it came right back.
To make a long story short, the cowl/shield might be flimsy for that very reason. And bracing it may give the leverage to cause such problems. And with a Monster being around 200 lbs lighter then a V Max, well you do the math. Just keep this in mind if the bike starts having high speed issues.
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