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Extended Warranties

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My local dealer, ProItalia, offers 4 year unlimited mileage warranties (so with the factory warranty the bike would be covered for 6 years) for $595.

I will ride this bike (an S4RS which I hear is a bit expensive to get worked on) I'm guessing about 8,000 miles / year, as it will be a second bike.

Would you buy the extended warranty, or is 2 years long enough to get issues settled? I tend to find that once issues get settled modern machinery is pretty trouble free, but I imagine $600 doesn't go too far at the Ducati shop.
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I'm not a fan of extended warranties, so I wouldn't bother with it. :-\
Might be useful, if you can id what's covered. IMHO, roadside assistance/towing is probably worth that ($125/yr) alone .
does that mean 6 years with no serious mods?
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