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Gonna side w/ScottS and Bloodshot on this one. If the bike is going to have valve/piston/trans troubles, it'll likely be before the OE warranty runs out if you put any reasonable mileage on the bike. The list of what ISN'T covered is likely longer than the list of what IS.

Save the $600 for pipes, or use it to offset the 2 valve inspections you're going to need before the warranty runs out. If spending money on repairs is a concern, you might be riding the wrong...oh, um....ahem. Sorry.

Actually, having owned 2 ducks now (15k miles total, roughly), I've spent waaaaay more on dress-up/go-fast parts (and tires) than I ever have in repairs. The S4 is coming up on it's first, and I don't think I'm gonna do it myself this time....so I may be about to retract this statement. :eek:

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