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Dealer says aftermarket exhaust won't run as well because it doesn't come with new cpu like more expensive exhaust from Ducati. Talking about an S4R. Is this true? If you can't adjust the cpu it's not really set up for your bike? True? Thanks
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This waiting for S4R stuff is driving me crazy, So I have decided to make my own full exhaust system and add a
PCIII as soon as it comes out. Strati has helped me immensely
by getting me a 748 system to start with. I have the header
to the crossover done. I just need to decide on one or two
cans. I am leaning toward using 2 modified 748 cans in a similar location to the stock S4R. I believe it will look better than the Arrow or Sil but better performance is still a question.
In theroy the PCIII and dyno runs should be all I need to tune
for the pipe. Building the pipe is almost as much as fun as riding the bike and a good pacifier for the winter in new England.
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