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Well guys I did my first 2 track days ever this year, and I gotta say I am hooked. I improved hugely from my first day to the last one I did but this poses a problem.

I have an 05 620 and I am coming extremely close to dragging the midpipe/flange it seems(attached picture). Rearsets are definitely coming in the near future but I wanted to ask for anyones advice or input on what to do/what they have done as far as this exhaust clearance issue?

I realize my technique isnt the greatest and I will start hanging off more and more as I get comfortable but I am looking for a long term solution that isnt going to cost me $1500(ExBox). My monster is going to be my companion for atleast a few more years so a track dedicated bike is not a practical solution for me going to school full time, but I plan on continuing to do track days and possibly getting into a race license for fun.

I just wanted to know what anyone else has done or if anyone has any honest input. I am not opposed to cutting/welding if it comes to it.

Thanks in advance

Yes I have searched and searched, seems nobody has done anything drastic in this area or the thread is so old that the pictures no longer exist.


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