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Excess Electrics

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The sidestand switch wire runs under the left side of the engine, then plugs into the harness. I'm considering removing the switch and wiring, maybe cutting the harness plug off, then jumping the leads (soldered and shrink-wrapped). Should clean up the looks, remove a failure mode, etc., and as I've done that with the other bikes, I seldom find myself pole-vaulting away from a parking place.

The rear brake brakelight switch also seems redundant. I never use the rear without the front brake. The wire there isn't as annoying visually, but plugs into this giant plug along the right side of the frame. I may also chop and shrinkwrap that. Any neater ways to do this?

The horizontal cylinder intake valve cover seems to house the tach drive. I'm considering swapping the whole tach drive/tach/instrument cluster to someone who wants that for an older bike, as the tach seems to be of limited or no use on a bike that loses torque before the redline anyway. I'm not real sure of this one yet, as I don't know if the tach drive is retrofittable, or vice versa, if the solo speedo can be fitted on the new bike. Any advice?

Any other thoughts on cleaning up wiring/plumbing on the bike and particularly, the engine?

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Actually the front valve cover has a sensor to determine the position of the Camshaft so it knows when to fire and when not to fire the spark plug. The older Ducs (pre '99 and FI) fire each plug at TDC and at BDC on each cylinder. The sensor tells the computer whether the intake valve is open or not, and therefore whether or not to fire that plug.
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