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I've been drooling over Ducati's since I was probably 8yrs old. Been riding for 8+ years now (HDs only) and finally got fed up with daydreaming every time I saw a Duc growl by....
I picked up my 09 Monster 1100 just under a month ago and grin ear to ear and giggle like a school girl (I'm a 32 yr old Bomb Tech, no little girl) every time I see it, hop on it or ride it...and frown every time I can't ride.
I've already racked up 1200 miles on it (did I mention how much I love riding it?) and I've managed to find some "Irregularities" that I've been searching the internet to "fix" (I think I found the end of the internet....).
My love of Ducati's (even though I'm a newb to ownership), my final purchase of my Monster and my search for mods to fit my needs has landed me here.
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