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Enormous Satisfaction at the Side of the Road

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While driving the truck yesterday, I encountered the rider of a 1970 Triumph Daytona and his buddy on a brand new Harley at the side of the road. Seems the Daytona's throttle cable had stuck.

The Daytona rider had his original tool set, which, like all bike things British was amply stocked with every tool except the ones he needed. Long story short, I had my tool set that I've assembled for touring in the truck. In fifteen minutes the carb was off and taken apart. The guy used a dollar bill in place of sandpaper to remove some accumulated varnish and fine scoring on the slide (these old Amal Carbs have, like three moving parts). In another ten minutes the carb was reassembled and reinstalled. The bike started right up (of course) and they were on their way.

As I said to the fellow, "I bet this is the first time you were glad your bike's not a Bonneville." They had two carbs.

So three old guys got to have the satisfaction of fixing a machine on the side of the road (someting we all did a lot of back in the day). Plus, we got to swap lies and details, so we can meet up for future rides. The most personally satisfying hour I've spent in quite a while.


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