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Engine stand?

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Anyone got a source for an engine stand? I've got to replace a frame and need something a bit more stable than milk crates and 2x4's to support the engine as it might be out of the frame for a little while. :p
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Yet again, MH, you rule! [clap]

Though it did take you almost five whole minutes to answer my current question. Better watch yourself, you might be slipping. [laugh]
MonsterHooligan said:
they offer a DML discount now too...
wow! they've got some pretty nice parts and tools [thumbsup] [clap]
When I parted out the M900 three years ago, I took a few pieces of 2x4 about a foot to foot and a half long, drilled some holes to match the threaded holes in the engine, and made my own stand. It didn't look good, but it was plenty strong enough to hold the engine until Chris Kelley came and picked it up.

I wasn't just setting the engine on the 2x4's, they were bolted to the engine with multiple 2x4's screwed together to make a sort of frame. The boards roughly followed the lines of the one at the above link. I spent less than half an hour building it and it would have cost less than $10.00, except that I used some scraps that I had laying around, so it didn't really cost anything.

Just one more option for those who are truly cheap.
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