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Hey, all.

Thanks for coming out to watch today, for those who made it out, and thanks for watching with me throughtout the season.

Since MotoGP is over, I consider this the end of the year, and pause to reflect.

This year has had its ups and downs, but it closes on an upbeat in my mind. This is not a comprehensive list, but just to name a few of the highlights:
-watching my boy Capi kick some ass this year
-watching Bayliss dominate all others on 2 wheels
-watching Hayden pull off what can only be described as a miracle [anyone recall the story of the tortoise and the hare??]
-Riding next to DrunkenMonkey on the Barber track at the Monster Challenge Finals
-Sweating my ass off along with 100k others at Laguna Seca
-highsiding myself into oblivion at Sears
-Little Elvis crushing the competition in 250P and making a MARVELOUS start to his open Twins racing
-DATV overcoming some bike gremlins early in the season
-watching Spidey progress from the crash-happy bastard he was last year to the speedy less crash-prone 250P racer he is today (keep an eye on him next year!)
-DanTheMan beginning to dabble in AFM racing
-the minivan getting worked over by a novice parpendicular parker
-watching Angry George crash in 3 of his first 5 track days, then coming back for more
-getting to see more of the now-recovered Paul this year
-sharing a minivan with Spidey in a *completely* heterosexual way
-hanging out in the East Bay with my paid friends
-watching Kurt rebound from a horrific crash early in the year

I've really come to appreciate the support, camaraderie, and friendship of this group -- not just for helping my sorry ass out when I need it (Monster Challenge, race support, home-care post-race support, relationship advice, etc.), but for the way the group helps EVERYONE out.

I thank you, Ducati MOB. Give yourselves a hand. [clap]

[thumbsup] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

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I like to think Rossi getting beat by .002 seconds (by what looked like a wheel-length) at Estoril, thus giving up the 5 points by which he lost the championship, made it all possible.

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awww....my eyes are gettin' all sweaty. [cheeky]

...and who you callin' a "novice" perpendicular parker? :mad: I'll have you know I've been doing crappy perpendicular parking for a long time. (we need to arrange a weekend for me to teach you how to drive a stick while I clean up your van btw.) ;D

Highlights of my year:

- not crashing my bike or anyone else's...now I need to apply that to cages. :-X
- watching amateur racing careers begin and advance
- getting a shirt signed by #100
- getting to sweat (a lot) in that shirt at GP in Laguna, unfortunately not in the good way [cheeky]
- eating a lot of bad pizza watching GP at Tigre's
- trading insults with Spidey, Ptam, BadDog, Jammen, et. al. well...pretty much everyone. :D
- finally feeling comfortable parking the bike in front of other people
- seeing more ladies join our local group...at last
- my first trackdays
- my first wheelies
- my first passenger
- blowing up my first engine
- spending countless hours painting the treads of tires orange
- getting a trackbike
- watching Crowbar come back from his accident
- doing a valve adjustment without having to build an electromagnet
- riding cupcake on the track
- riding cupcake with Enzo

Good times, good times... Looking forward to more. Too many thanks to everyone to even try to list. You all know who you are. [thumbsup]

Looking forward to everything that next year's riding season will bring, although I hope a few other people will keep me company on the road during the winter.

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I haven't been with you all long but everyone I've met has just been great - attitude [thumbsup] knowledgeable [thumbsup] supportive [thumbsup] humor [laugh]

I've had some firsts since I've met you...FIRST time:
- watching motorcycle racing on TV, looking forward to catching some races live next year
- group ride
- parking in front of people, Monster peeps no less, at my first DML group ride meet at Starbucks :embarassed:
- my Monster and leathers got wet (fog wet)
- anyone other than my mechanic and I rode my bike (that was Tiggy at wheelie clinic)
- Zeitgeist (and its infamous porta-pottie and valet: thanks Spidey and Juan)
- tamale (love the pork, have to try chicken next)
- eating at Alice's (thanks CADUCMAN)
- riding Redwood, Pascadero, Mt Tam
- and those Monsters I've ridden with in a large/small group & 1:1, I had fun every time riding and getting to know you.

Thanks for welcoming me, having me take part. I look forward to many more good times [thumbsup]

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While we're being all misty eyed and sappy. :-*

Wanna thank everyone for showing me a great time from the moment I stepped off the plane for the interview.

From Spidey giving me directions to the 'Geist from the airport at 11 at night. To DanTheMan riding with me out to Ouray and back (and having the foresight to setup his bike to haul as much booze as he did). 'Belle/Enzo opening their garage (and refrigerator ;D). TCK taking me to a Raiders game. MVR showing me fun spots in the Mission. Ptam for being the enabler that I so didn't need. [cheeky] Ducky for being my partner in Tomale crime. Etc Etc. Too many damn acts of kindness from all of you, and I've only been here a couple months. [thumbsup]

[clap] To the Mob. [clap]

Yeah, this has been a damn good year.

--- After posting for ages, finally getting out and meeting the 'MOB.
--- Finally getting out and riding with the 'MOB
--- Seeing Crowbar come back (wooo!)
--- Monster Challenge with Tigre
--- Laguna Seca and the floor of Stew's hotel room (saving me from sharing a pup-tent with a buddy and enduring endless "brokeback GP" jokes from my wife)
--- Finally seeing a GP race at "The Tiger's Lair" and being reminded why I almost miss being a bachelor
--- Daughter Born (which might be Spideys', so that's 'MOB related)

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you suck! You're supposed to get all 'mooshy' with the rest of us and reminisce about how cool we all are. Now you're forcing me to tie you up with a Bayliss mask on and let Spidey have his way with you... [cheeky]
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