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I just removed the charcoal emissions can from my S2R. Plugged the throttle bodies with some ~6mm M5 socket head hex bolts (with RTV by the head and Loctite on the end of the thread -- belt and suspenders...and duct tape), and luckily have no issues with my idle (it's the same as before).

However, for the time being I only took the canister off of its bracket, and left the bracket on the bike. Why? Well, the bracket is attached to bike via two crankcase screws, and I don't want to go unscrewing crankcase screws without knowing the proper torque to screw them back in at. Could someone with a service manual for an S2R check those torque figures for me? Since anyone answering this question either has an S2R or its service manual, I won't explain exactly which 2 bolts I am referring to -- it's easier seen than explained.

I'm guessing I'm also going to have to squeeze a couple of washers in there too.

Thanks in advance for the help. And ride safe.
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