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Electrical problem M696 [Arrows not working]

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Hi everyone,

I ask you for advice because I've been banging my head for weeks on this problem without figuring it out, I tried to search the forum but I didn't find anything like it.
I possibly ask for help to the mods in finding the right location for this post.
I have a 2008 Monster 696 plus, a few months ago I had an accident, nothing serious, I managed to fix the bike with used parts, I'm waiting for some of them but I can't understand why after the accident all the indicators stopped turning work, on the instrumentation, whose body has been shattered, when I select the commands or arrow to the right or left, the green LED lights up, but no sign of life from the arrows.
Since the impact was frontal, I thought it was a cable break, I searched for the various points with a multimeter (which by the way, I don't think I found all, having difficulty interpreting the wiring diagram) and I noticed that the power arrives but only 1.2 volts instead of 12.
Searching on the net I discovered that the arrow relay is inside the instrumentation card, I opened it and I didn't find any sign of damage in the tracks and integrated, always on the net I read that according to the command it must obviously get the right voltage in the various pins of the connector, always 1.2 V.
Since I'm not an expert in the sector, I kindly ask some of you if you can help me find a solution.
If I have forgotten something, please ask.
Many thanks in advance!
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I dont have a schematic handy right now, but Ill run through some aspects of indicator circuits that tend to be common, then compare them to the symptoms you have provided to see if we can identify the fault location.

1/ The flasher relay has to be somewhere that it can control 'all' the indicators, so it is typically located between the fuse and the selector switch.
2/ The selector switch is the point that the power from the relay can be connected to either the left pair of indicators, the right pair of indicators, or neither.
3/ The circuit for each side of indicators starts at the switch, then splits to run front and rear, and then recombines again at the return path to the battery.
4/ The dashboard LED is often powered by a third pin on the relay,

Clues from symptoms:
1/ The green LED on the dash flashes.
a) The Relay is getting power, and is functioning.
b) The Fuse is good
c) The selector switch on the LHS switchblock is connecting the power in the relay to an earth-path.

2/ None of the indicators are working.
a) The problem is located in a section that is common to both sides, ie before it splits or after it recombines (return path back to battery)
b) The return path is unlikely since the common part is probably shared by other components,
c) The section between the relay and the selector switch is most likely.

3/ You are detecting 1.2V instead of 12V.
a) This suggests that you have an unintended short circuit to earth on the supply side of the circuit, ie the section before the indicator bulbs.
b) Since the relay appears to be working (because the LED Flashes) it is probably after the relay.
c) and since we also have evidence that it is in a common section of the circuit, it is most likely before the selector switch (LHS switchblock).

To confirm whether there is an earth, you need to break the circuit into portions and checking those portions have no short circuit.
Luckily you can break the circuit at the indicator bulbs (by removing them), and at the plugs for the indicator stalks, and at the selector switch (by taking it apart).
Check the resistance of each section of circuit to earth. They should all be near infinite (except of course the 'proper' return path from the 4 bulb holders.

If you find a section is shorted, examine it closely looking for insulation that has been cracked, crushed, split or otherwise compromised, and contact with other wires or metal components is occurring.

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