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I am in the process of fitting a '95 900ss engine into my '98 M750. Most everything is in place, but I've got some electrical issues, everything hooks up fine except for two things. First. The M750 engine has three yellow wires comming from the alternator to the regulator, and the ss900 only has two. I'm guessing that I can't just pick my favorite two of the three on the M750 regulator and hook them up to the ss900 alternator. So, can I mount the m750 alternator into the ss900 engine or should I get an ss900 regulator to match the ss900 alternator, and would that even work with the rest of the m750 wiring? If anyone has a wiring diagram for the '98 M750, I'd like to get a copy of it. Second. On the right side of the engine, above the swing arm pivot there is a sensor of some sort, Oil temp maybe? Any one know what it is? There is a black wire and a red wire comming from here on the ss900 engine, on the m750 engine, there is a green/yellow wire and a red/white wire. Is the black equivelent to the green/yellow and the red equivelent to the red/white, or is it vice versa? Thanks in advance, and the 750 exhaust doesn't fit, so if any one has a ss900 stock header pipe, I'll need one of those too.
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