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Hi All,

Have just paid my money and will be picking up my heart's desire next week - a scabby ratty Monster. I have a '72 Ducati 750 GT and a '72 Honda CB 350 so I'm not exactly new to 'bikes but certainly new to 21st Century ones, like where's the kickstarter on this thing??.

This one will be my everyday, knockabout ride. It's a 2000 900 injected Dark
and has been scratched, scraped, bumped and banged all over so I won't be worrying about cosmetics, birdpoo or crying if some young lady drags her high heels across the tank ( oh, I wish ).

Next week it will be mine after having it's 20,000 service, a new front tyre and a Roadworthy Certificate, then I'll have to get it registered. It was a trade-in from Moto One here in Melbourne OZ

If someone on this List was the PO PLEASE don't tell me you only rode it at double redline in first for 19.500 Km, or it was from a Bike Hire company, or used as a stunt 'bike - OK ?

Hoping not to be begging for info on tearing down the motor too soon.


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Hi ya mate!
welcome aboard.
check out the 'hooligans downunder' section under local clubs, on the left.
there are a few other riders in your area there.
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