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ECU upgrades w/ or w/o PCIII

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I'm thinking about messing with the Weber 1.5M ECU on my '00 to get more midrange grunt. Anyone installed the FIM Ultimap flashload or the Ducati Performance replacement ECU, and how did you like them?

Does it still make sense to install a PCIII once you've done this upgrade? Or am I better off leaving the ECU alone and just getting the PCIII?

This is strictly a street bike and won't need frequent tuning for track days.

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I was one of the guys that rode Retro's 900, it was very smooth, better than my S4 with the PCIII and Dynotune.

My PCIII was $312 out the door, and the dynotune was $175, here in SoCal. It is definitely better with the dynotune than just with the website or CD maps. I can't do a chip swap or reprogramming on the stock IAW5.9 ECU, so it was either the PCIII or the full-boat FIM unit. I'm not racing, so the FIM unit seemed like a lot more capability than I'd ever need.

Just to clarify, the PCIII can only alter the air-fuel mixture. The FIM flashload_may_alter the ignition timing as well, but I don't know.

The PCIII allows you to alter the map any time you want, but if you're not going to mod your engine much more, that's no benefit.
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