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ECU upgrades w/ or w/o PCIII

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I'm thinking about messing with the Weber 1.5M ECU on my '00 to get more midrange grunt. Anyone installed the FIM Ultimap flashload or the Ducati Performance replacement ECU, and how did you like them?

Does it still make sense to install a PCIII once you've done this upgrade? Or am I better off leaving the ECU alone and just getting the PCIII?

This is strictly a street bike and won't need frequent tuning for track days.

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According to FIM's website the flashload I'm thinking about is $180. For that you get a specific and in theory MUCH improved remapping of the stock ecu (no tuning included). It comes pre-programmed for slip-ons but no k&n (so I'd have to revert to the stock filter). Pro Italia is their US distributor, I'm still looking for a dealer in the Denver area that does this.

So, it' $180 for FIM Ultimap vs. $400+ for a PCIII + dyno time. With the PCIII you can retune after each additional engine mod as long as you pay for the dyno time. Thing is, the only other engine mod I'm thinking of making is adding an ignition booster, so I don't really need to be making constant changes.

Does a combination of both make any sense. ??? Better ecu mapping and more consistent fuel/air?
It looks like the combination of the two might be my best bet. Oh boy $$$$$$.

Since the PCIII for the '00 monster doesn't alter ignition timing, upgrading the ECU via the FIM Ultimap or other aftermarket map is necessary to deal with the timing issues. Then tacking on the PCIII will give the best fuel/air ratios, a BIG deal here in the Rockies. Because of that it's probably best to get it dyno-tuned as well.

Even with the Ultimap, I probably won't have to go back to the stock filter since I haven't modified the airbox, just dumped the snorkels.

The ignition booster (www.evoluzione.net) increases the size of the spark. Seems like that might be an issue with the 2v engines because all the new ones now use dual spark plugs.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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