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Early morning Mines Road Run on Labor Day?

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I'm considering making an early morning run up Mines road on Labor Day, just like I did on the 4th of July (with one other rider). We're talking real early here, like just after the sun comes up. I'll bring electrical tape to make "sun visors" on your helmet face shield. ;)

That early, we should see plenty of wildlife, like deer on the road, birds, rabbits, and lots of ground squirrels. I would like to keep a medium-quick pace, but not so fast that we hit any wildlife. I'm willing to go slower or wait often for less experienced riders.

If anyone is interested in making such a run, up to the junction and down to Patterson, then back to Livermore, let me know. This is not intended to be a big group ride, but I wouldn't mind having one or two others along. I'll probably do it solo if there aren't any takers. My goal is to be back home by about noon.
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Livermore -> Mines Road -> Del Puerto Canyon -> Patterson at I-5

Then reverse the path.
Since there seems to be no interest in this, I guess I'll go by myself. :'(
Mines was closed this morning because there's a forest fire or something. So I did 100 miles of Tesla/Corral Hollow, Patterson Pass, Altamont Pass, Cross Road, Flynn Road, Highland Road, and Collier Canyon Road. Not what I had planned, but it was a good ride anyway. It's great to have so many choices of good roads to ride on around here.
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