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Che pecatto! Ieri, oggi, domani, Sophia mi dice "presto! presto! mi diverto. Vada presto! corra!
Com desidera Sophia......Molto bene.

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Last night on South Park, was the episode where
Professor Chaos was trying to unleash a terrible menace upon all and everytime he came up with an evil plan he found out it had already been done on the Simpson's.
So he watched every episode and came up with a new plan
to take the cherries out of chocolate covered cherries and replace them with mayonaise...just as he was going to do so an episode of the Simpsons came on and it was about guess what?
Anyway at the end of the show, as he was telling everyone with Au thor rit tay! what episode of the Simpsons everyone was in....everyone just said hey..everything that has ever been done
the Simpsons have done, and that everything they have done they stole from everyone else and to get over it, it has all been done.
What's the point? South Park Rules! And Sophia, e bella!


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I saw that one too. Look I dont want any bull crap from you, and you dont want any bullcrap from me. I am a see-men authority. MMM good consistency, I'll take 5. 5 viles? No 5 gallons.
How did you get the rest?
Some guy in an alley made me close my eyes and suck it out of a hose.
Oh and the best name ever Miss Chokesondicks. I love it! :D
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