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Hello all of you Monsters...
Does anyone have a Dyno chart for my '07 695???
I am toying with changing my sprockets & I am looking for the best Setup>>>
I contacted Jim Gnitecki to get his opinion but he needs the Dyno Chart>

Does anyone have any advice as far as what is a good gearing setup?

I think the 695 is very similar to the 620>( 15 front 48 back according to ducati.com)
The 695 is stocked as 15 front 42 on the back sprockets...
My ducati mechanic recommended just changing the back sprocket and leaving the 15 instead of the 14>>>
Any advice on this? He said my bike will be like a trick bike if I do the 14 & 40>>>
I want the bike to be more responsive on the low end but not lose too much off the High end> (I wouldn't mind more "POP" on the Low gears! I live & ride in NYC Everyday... a lot of STOP & GO!)
I do drive to NJ & Upstate NY as well, so I get good highway time also!!!
When I open my bike up (Top Speed) in sixth gear I still have a lot more RPMs (It is between 7000-8000) even though it feels like the bike will not go any faster> between 125-130 mph (top speed 135... Downhill!!!)
That is why I am willing to lose a little off the Top because it doesn't seem like there is anymore there anyway, but not near the Limiter.

Any advice would be appreciated>>>




1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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