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Dunlops 208ZR's

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Does anyone else wish they still made 207's?
Or is it just me that dislikes the D208ZR's
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I know this is a dumb quesiton, and you probably have already looked into this, but have you been monitoring f/r tire pressures? It sounds to me the problems your having are too serious to be caused even by a bad batch of 208's......

Edit: Im running a 207zr on the front, and a 208zr/180 on the rear. :)


Thanks for the input guys.
I don't think you are missing something the 205's were great tires,
but also replaced by the 220.
Phill the 207RR are still available and current, front and rear as far as I know. The street ZR's are gone.
So I went to the shop to get opinions, and asked about Michelins and there was a Dunlop guy there. Synchronicity? I found out he was a Dunlop guy when I heard him moan on the word Michelin. I told him I much preferred the 207's, and he said yep, the compounds in the 208ZR's are not as good as the 207ZR's were, and concurred they were bad in the rain. He said to get the 208GP-A's or 207RR's. So I felt a little relief thinking it wasn't just me, and yet a little irked that if it is true that the 208 is a lessor tire, why cancel the 207's? Market driven? So maybe it was just sales bull to keep me on Dunlops I don't know. But I do feel like the 208's could let me down at any given moment...
Of course all of this is in small degrees comparatively and everyone rides differently in different conditions...I am glad to hear some here seem happy with the 208's as I said it may be me or just a bad front tire or something. Also when I first put them on is when I was starting to have fork problems, but the tire issue has remained with the SBK fork's now on. I never once had any tank slapper issues before the 208's. I was hoping it was the forks. It ain't.
Herb thanks for the post also. Good thoughts.
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