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,,,Duh... Rick! aka Ducandover 2ND attempt!

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Hey Gang... Hang in there... Here's what I see 65 of ya were supposed to get...Pardon my lack of computer savvy...

My name is Rick, 52, and live in Lewisville TX, jus' north o' Dallas.
I bought my 95 M900 on E Bay about 10 weeks ago and have fallen in love with the newest bike in my small stable. My bride (of 5 months) and I dragged a U haul trailer behind my Altima to Nashville to get the bike, made the entire trip in 24 hours and a sucky 16 MPG.
This is my first Duc, but I've wanted one since I first saw the 750SS back in the 70's. Finally!
Current mods from the previous owner include: (I jus' cut and pasted his verbage, as I be darned if I'll retype all this!)
* Ducati Performance carbon fiber windscreen, * Sargent seat
* Cycle Cat frame sliders, # Spareshack steering damper
* Pro Italia clutch slave cylinder, * Spiegler PVC coated stainless steel brake and clutch lines with double banjo fittings up front
* Carbon fiber clutch cover, * Carbon fiber side panels
* Napoleon bar end mirrors, * Barnett Racing clutch and basket
* Staintune stainless steel exhaust, * K&N air filter,* Modified air box
* Keihin 39mm flat slide racing carbs, * Dyna ignition coils
* Magnacore racing plug wires, * Ohlins shock with remote reservoir
* Racetech fork springs, * DID 520 chain, * Afam sprockets
* Powerlet power outlet
I've got soo much to learn! My Haynes manual isn't going to help me set the Ohlins up, tune the carbs or account for oversize coils - ad infinitim
Guess that's a good reason to have y'all help out!
Other bikes include a 71 Norton Commando(Interstate trim), 83 Honda Nighthawk (needs suspension), and a 76 Honda TL 125 (wife's - and learning to ride)
Lookin' forward to gettin' to know somaya, on the web and in person! My next step will be to contact the DFWM club.

...and don't forget children, when you see the brilliant flash...
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Welcome aboard Rick, and congrats on ur new bride.
Awesome! A Norton Commando? Very nice [thumbsup] Nothing wrong with the Monster, of course - sounds like a beautiful bike! I'd say you've got quite a nice collection of rides.

Hopefully you can make it to one of our group rides or week-day lunch breaks soon. In the mean time, how 'bout this Texas "winter" weeather?!?

Ride safe.
Hey there D&C! congrats on the new bike and the new wife. I can't wait till she is up and riding. I ride with lots of women. I am in Plano. Not too far from ya. Look forward to meeting and riding.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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