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"Duck" or "Duke" ???

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I'm the Newbie... soooo, I can ask all the stupid questions I like!
I have to admit: having never owned a Ducati, (til the last few months) or known an owner of one in my 30 some years of riding... Is it "Duck", or "Duke" ?????
I've always (til now) preferred Duke, ...but as my alias..(Ducandcover), I've bent to the rules of the game...
I like to stir up sh##, so I thought this might be a way!
Duck and cover
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"Shrug" doesn't rhyme with "Duke" or "Duck"! Or is it a deep Texas accent?
Duc, Duc, Goose!

It's Duc and it's all that it's quacked up to be. [clap]

I saw this discussion a while back on the General Monster Forum and if I recall I think they are both considered "correct" (phew! right?)

"Duke" was more a UK, Aussie thing, while "Duc" was the American equivalent...

But whatever the nomenclature, this much I DO know; they all ROCK!
pfft, dont listen to this jokers, call it a NCR. =P

I'm not afraid to admit my ignorance...
What's a NCR???

NCR a company founded by Giorgio Nepoti and Rino Carrachi to tune and race Ducati motorcycles in 1969 and up to the recent past (early 2000s) with Ben Bostrom as a sole rider contesting world superbike with direct factory support even if the NCR team was technically a satellite team to the "Infostrada" factory teams of Troy "superman" Bayliss and Reuben "spiderman" Xaus.

Recently bought by Poggipolini group, an Italian company.

More recently commissioned by Ducati to create a modern replica of the "Old Blue", a mid '70s bike that Cook Neilsen and Phil Schilling raced and won in '77 at Daytona. The "New Blue" is based on the 2007 Sport Classic Sport 1000S.

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sorry for the thread jack!!!
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Yeah I was trying to explain NCR to somebody the other day and could only come up with NCR is to Ducati what Saleen is to Mustang... Not entirely accurate but hopefully they got the gist ;D
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