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Ducati Tech/Shops in NYC area

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can anyone recommend a ducati shop and tech resource in NYC metro area? i'm in jersey city so it could also be in northen NJ.
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I Know I'm answering this a little late, but I just discovered this site and signed on. If you're looking for a shop in the NY/NJ area go to Rizzone Cycle in Middlesex NJ. I've been with them since I bought a 916 in '97, and I won't let anyone else touch my bike (I now ride a very tricked out 2001 M S4). If I remember right they've been a Duc dealer since '85 and not only do they know their stuff, but they're good people. When I got my 916 back in '97 I new what bike I wanted so I shopped for a dealer I liked and could trust. I've never regreted my choice and always recomend them, even if you're far away they're worth the trip. They're number is 732-271-1616.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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