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does anyone have a tattoo with a Ducati theme? I'm thinking about doing one. Any ideas out there? Any origional "Monster" sketches out there. And while I'm at it: where should I put it?

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"Monster" on my "Monster"?! Now there is a bent sense of humor.
I do like the Ducati "Mechanica" one. But there has to be something cooler.
Maybe we need our own Ducati Monster tattoo.
Somebody come up with it......

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I have the flying "D" on my right arm, I need to get it touched up (had it for 5yrs this may), but the best I saw was at Ducati Day in Daytona. This guy shaved his head and had the Ducati Corse emblem tattoed on the top and the older Cucati Mecanica emblem across the back of his head. I'll post a pic when I have more time, gotta go to work now.

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(I had to say that... I might have meant it 20 years ago, but the mood hit me)

I have several Tat's from back in the day. All USMC and Unit related.

2 years ago I sat in the cafe at HMC Ducati and pondered the elegant and tastefull Desmo etching on the glass of the doors leading from the showroom to the Cafe and pondered HARD!

The simple elegance of the Desmo system and the gracefull but powerfull curves are reminescent of many things in nature, and easily construed as related to the female(Proper females mind you, not the 16ga wire stick figures!!) outline without much imagination.

But how to tie the Tumescent Desmo system to Il Mostro in a simple but elegant and tastefull tattoo?

I'm thinking of a mondo curvy muffy sprawled on the back of a Monster, over the outline of a desmo system dripping blood, and a ghastly distorted skull with fangs as a shadow background!!!!!!
The bike and the Muffy(Might ask my wife to model as she is still in the 9.5 category at 35) centered in the distorted skulls left (Sinestre') eye.

I am "Artless" so must find a fellow sick bastard with talent to render the flash.

From there, I dunno.

If it's right, and the wife gives permission(Been scaring her family for 14 years now!) to do so, I'm thinking center chest.

And to think I just walked in the rain to the Garage to check on a failure to start problem and am pulling pubes over the old girl.

Damn thing owns me!!!!! :D

Time for Beer.
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