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I listened to DucatiPOD for a while and some Moto GP shows but the production values were so low I couldn't stand to listen. I think Motorcycle podcast will come into their own. F1 has a couple of up and coming podcasts.

My current favorite podcasts are:

- Keith and the Girl (NSFW) 3-5 episodes per week
- Diggnation
- The Movie Blog (I also like Filmspotting and Scene Unseen)
- Most of KCRW's podcast like LeShow, Left Right & Center, The Treatment, etc.
- Comic Geek Speak (I work in the comic book and toy industry so this keeps me in the loop)
- Chinese POD (language podcast)

For those new to Podcasting you can think of Podcast as FREE audio or video shows that you SUBSCRIBE to like a magazine. Your iTunes (or other software) will automatically download the newest episodes and you can listen toor view them at your liesure. There are podcast to cover nearly every topic of interest. Some are slickly produced by big media companies, some are two people in their basement chatting about things. Some podcast are entertaining and informative, others can be dry and dull. There is a lot out there to smaple and best of all you can listen to it whenever you want or put it on your iPod and take it with you. Nothing makes a long flight go by like a bunch of your favorite audio or video podcast.
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