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I am planning to buy a Monster 900, I've never owned a ducati before. Just wondering if there is anything i should know before i go out and start looking.

is there a certain year of monster i should avoid? Just how high maintnance are ducatis? and how reliable are they? carb or injection?

any thoughts would be appreciated, thanx

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Is there a certain year of monster i should avoid?
They're all good. There are some differences in looks and the 900S had adjustable suspension, starting in 98 or 99. You'll have to choose among what's available anyway.

Just how high maintenance are ducatis?
Other than needing valve adjustments every 6000 miles and new cam belts every 12,000 miles, they're no different from any other motorcycle.

And how reliable are they?
My 97 M900 was 100% reliable for the 19,600 miles and six years that I owned it.

Carb or injection?
Carbureted Monsters are easier to tune, injected Monsters make a little more power. Ultimately, you'll have to choose from what's available. If I were looking for the ultimate used Monster, it would probably be a 99 M900S (carbureted).
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