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I recently purchased a KlavKarr 210 (KlavKarr OBD2 210, equivalent to elm327 adapter) with the intention of connecting to the Siemens M3C ECU, and at least being able to read the OBD2 messages. However I have run into a lot of problems, mainly around non of the currently maintained software being compatible.

The nearest I can get to work is M3C9 from JPDiag (M3C Software), however this seems to be restricted/licensed and I haven't been able to acquire a license from the developer.
It seems that the threads relating to the Siemens (Contitech?) M3C ECU have gone stale.
Also, Guzzi Diag seems to be for different types of ECU

Beyond this, however, I would have assumed that the basic OBD messages would be standard and it would be possible to use any software to read them. Is this not the case?

Has anyone had any luck with out-of-the-box OBD2 software for the Monster 696/796?

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