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Ducati FI tricks?

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Just curious, I assume that the 5.9M ecu uses a temp sensor somewhere to detect the incoming air temp and adjusts the fuel curve. I've not bothered looking for it yet. I'm wondering if a quick and dirty way to richen up the bike is hardwire the temp probe for cold conditions, typically bridging a set value resistor across the probe. This trick works well in some cars.

As a side curiousity how many folk have made pipe/intake changes on FI monsters and made no ECU changes with good results live in colder climates?
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That trick may work...

The temp and air pressure sensor is mounted behind the headlight.

According to my S4 wiring diagram: 4 wires, Black/Violet is sensor ground, Green/Red is the supply to the Temp Sensor, Brown/Red and Grey/Black are for the Pressure Sensor.

Assuming the Temp Sensor is a Negative Temp Coefficient, an inline resistor would make it run richer.

Let us know how it turns out..... ;D
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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