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Ducati Corse Perf Jacket - Grey Sz 54 Lowered Price

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54 is large on me and I found a 52 Daytona that I love so this jacket is now expendable. Jacket was bought in Jan/Feb 2006. Wore it for 10 rides or so in May, June and Sept. The jacket has all armor and is in flawless condition. The only picture I have at the moment is below (camera in for repair). PM with questions.

Price: 475.00 425.00 Shipped UPS Ground to the Cont. US

If this doesn't sell by Friday I will be putting up on ebay.

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Re: Ducati Corse Perf Jacket - Grey Sz 54

yeah it looks a bit large on ya there Cowboy! [laugh]
Re: Ducati Corse Perf Jacket - Grey Sz 54

LOL. It's what I call full protection from head to toe.
Re: Ducati Corse Perf Jacket - Grey Sz 54

awsome photo!
Re: Ducati Corse Perf Jacket - Grey Sz 54

good jaket cooooool
big for me
Do you know size this is US or can you tell me what size you usually wear?
The jacket is 44 US Size. I wear a 42R suit now. When purchased I was 20lbs heavier and wore a 44R.
hey cowboy - what is the new lowr price?
The price is 425 shipped or 400 plus shipping if you can ship it cheaper.

I won't be dropping it from here since A. the jacket is practically new and these still go for $550.00+ on clearance at most shops and B. i'm not in dire need of selling it -- with the holidays and all the generous food it just may fit again come Jan/Feb [laugh].

Thanks for the interest.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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