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OK people... here's the scoop...

1. I told DNA that April 17th is THE date.

2. DNA wants to support OUR group rather than get multi-groups together so I must limit the attendance to SFBMHA preferred only.

3. DNA said max number of people they can accomodate in their office (it's quite small by Silicon Valley standards), is 30 - 40 people. SFBMHA members will have 1st choice in signing up. If we still have left-over spots, we'll open it up to other monster owners in the Bay Area (advertise at the dealers or something). I don't think getting 30 - 40 members would be a problem though.

4. I'll see about getting the sign-up sheet up on the net so you people can sign up on your own.

Let me know if you have questions.

Michael, no problem on taking on the DNA liason thing. I live so close to the DNA offices I thought it just wouldn't be right if I didn't go down there to check them out!

There's news on the WDW... they changed the scheduling (the full week will be at the racetrack in Italy).... I'll try to get that up on the SFBMHA articles board - they emailed me PDFs of the changes so I'll make them available for download.

- Daffe
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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