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G'day, I am new to the board and just thought that I would say hi, hi! ;D

Just a quick question. Whilst I would hate to be re-opening a past topic, what is new for the Ducati bikes for 2004? Are there any changes?

I am aware of the heritage bikes, but, more importantly, is anything happening to the Monster?

Thanks, Shane

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There were some subtle changes to the monster line as well. The 800 'S' was removed, leaving the Dark and the 'ie'. There also is no 'Senna' color scheme available anymore.

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HI TO ALL....!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I am new member of this forum.

Probably new monster 1000 will born along next year !?!
A new engine was developed from the DESMO3 engine of ST series.
New level of torque and power will get by applying new 3 valves per cylinder technology to the actualy DESMO2 engine.
You can find a track of what I say on the ducati site in the delivered article with title : "Three: the perfect number".
Infact it seems that DUCATI mommy would bet on new engine formula that seems to be better than DESMO2, in terms of torque and power, but a little worst than DESMO4.

Form non confirmed information it seems that new monster 1000 is already in testing phase.

Sorry for my bad english but it isn't my mother tongue.
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