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Hi guys I ride a 1100 monster since a couple of weeks although its now parked as i made a small slide with ( entrance of work was covered with a track of a truck with was frozen and i didn't noticed it .. so with 10 mph i went on the ground in front of the gate ** not good ** little damage to bike and image ) ..

I was wondering can you buy or add DTC afterwards? also i was wondering if it is possible to add ABS to the bike when it comes out on 2010 ??

Last question what is the best tire for the monster to maximum grip to the road, the previous owner drove on the race track and the sides are a little worn .. ( he drove it properly not like me haha )..

Thanks for your answers upfront.

Raim (Holland)

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Nope, the tanks are different on the ABS bikes.
I would recommend a sport-touring tire.
The race/track tires are designed to warm up at a higher temp, and wont warm up as quickly on the street.
I just put Avon Storms on my 900SS and they feel really good.
jeff h

p.s. i doubt ABS would have saved you on ice...it happens too fast.
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