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Dropped Monster; runs like sh!t

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I'm working way too hard to safely ride my bike! I just wasn't paying attention this morning when pulling out of the driveway. Braked suddenly in the sand and dropped her right on the right side. No apparent damage. No tank dent! Redline clip-on rotated a bit. Have to adjust tonight. Custom Aluminum U-bracket deflected to save aftermarket turn signal. CRG Hindsight dug into the dirt, but rolled out of the way. A little scuff on the carbon can that can be buffed out. Whew!

But I do have a problem now :(

The bike runs fine up to about 3k, but really stutters from 4 grand up, almost like it's fuel starved. I don't know what's going on. I looked at the fuel lines when I got to work. No apparent kinks. Vacuum lines to valve and pump look fine.

Don't know if the drop even has anything to do with it. Bike has sat for a week. Fuel leve is very low, but light just came on so that shouldn't be a problem.

Any ideas?
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Let's be optimistic: Try some new gas.

If that doesn't work check for damaged fuel pump. Can you tell if the bike is running too rich or too lean above 3K? If it is too rich you may have knocked one of your floats loose. You would be getting too much gas in this situation, but I find this unlikely. It is possible though.
To tell if it is running rich I usually use the choke test. Get it to the RPM where it is running rough and then apply the choke. If it runs worse or tries to die then it is probably running too rich. If it seems to run a little better then it is too lean. This is a rough test, but it will usually tell you what is going on. To confirm pull a plug. If it is black, and has carbon soot around the bottom, too rich.

If it is too rich I would suspect either, carb issues (float), or your airflow is being disrupted somewhere. More than likely its bad gas though. Also, when trying new gas you may need to run through a gallon or so before you see the improvement. I would only put one gallon of gas in the tank, run it mostly dry and then fill up. That will help eliminate the bad gas quicker. At least IMHO.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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