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Drinks Anyone???

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Hello everyone.
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Damn, we can't tonight, but I was thinking maybe sometime next week.
Perhaps Friday the 26th or Saturday the 27th. How does that sounds to everyone? And although I've never met any of you...I already warned them about the crowd. (wink, wink)

Now, I was reading that some of you were at the Full Circle ride. I was there, but don't know anyone. I was with my husband, he rides a silver R1. I'm curious who was who. I did speak to one guy with a matte black duc. Is that anyone in the group? I have a yellow duc.
Yeah, that was me. I remember seeing all the ducs, but other than that guy who bought his the same day as me, I'm not sure who anyone is. Very cool. I do remember some face though.
That 27th sounds great! I will take care of it. Can we get a head count? I look forward to meeting you all. :D
What time is good for everyone?

Thanks for the head count Geezer!
Ok, so here's the latest head count.

R1Zig (Mr. Bella) ;D
Michael Moore
rrock star
bloodshot ??

Should be fun.
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Since I'm coming up from the North Bay, I think I'll stay over that way until the afternoon. I may do a little ride around West Marin before hand. If anyone else live up my way and would like to join, let me know. ;)
Hey Jordan,

Hope you guys can make it. We'd love to see you.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was great to meet you all. I'll post the pics as soon as I have them on my PC. We will absolutely have to do it again. I had a great time. And we will for sure be joining you for a ride soon. Perhaps we could make the Tia our end-up after local rides, turn it into a real biker bar. 8)
Sorry, but I can't make this one.
Ok, here's the pics from Saturday. Enjoy!

Hey Jon,

Welcome. ;D We actually meet last weekend, but I think it's something that we will be doing again soon.
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