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Dreaming of Barber

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Check out the Onboard Footage video of Barber, I cant wait for Spring!!!

fyi, its a long video that my friends put together, so it may be quicker to download it to your comuter and watch it rather than wait for it to buffer.


they are all awesome, but the Barber with Onboard Footage is just too much fun to watch


BTW, for any of you that ride the New Hope and Van Sant area, watch the DRZ video, they live right around there, so you'll see all the roads that we usually ride...i think even the gravel road Greg took me down is in there... ::) ;D
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Steve told me he was thinking of doing the womens conference ( for me ) for vacation, which usually includes some track time at Barber....I've been trying to get info on it for 2007, but can't find any yet.

Theres also a GREAT motorcyle museum there thats supposed to be awesome..

barber motorsports museum
Deb, on the link above theres a video of the inside of the museum, check it out!
I was there in March...STT was running 2-day track event. It's really awesome. Museum is 'overwhelming' and track is 'very technical' - not my words but obvious when you see it.

The track at Barber Motorsport Park is 'carved' into a hillside above a small valley - track runs back and forth along one side and museum is on the hilltop on the opposite side - great place to watch races (AMA goes there)

Desmos posted some photos of the museum here from his visit this past summer.

If anyone still needs to get frothed up for this trip, try to get a copy of the Feb 2006 issue of Motorcyclist. It features Barber, some of the roads up and around Deals Gap, the 999R and MV's best.
I hadn't realized why Barber's the buzz, until I watched the video of untamed velocity. It was a mini-vacation!! I felt like I was there, and it ran on forever (11 minutes). Thanks for sharing!!! (I checked the mileage and 900 miles requires planning - not just a weekend jaunt). Now there's another thing on my 'to do before I die' list. :)
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