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draining s2r fuel tank

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want to drain the tank on my 07 s2r 800 for removal. 2 fuel lines, one going to each injecter,a third looping the two(injecters) together. nothing real easy to get to. any suggestions on the easiest/safest/quickest way to drain? emission (charcoal) cannister is gone, vent and overflow lines are spliced together and exit backside of motor. other than that no mods.
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I couldn't work it out so I siphoned it. Got some airline tubing from an aquarium shop, about 5mm diameter.
Syphon hose too...not real hi tech but it works. If I recall I had to tilt my tank up to get the hose to fall in the right place.

The quick connect hoses on the tank work nicely (squeeze the black plastic ring and pull the hose off) and though the hoses are marked from the factory the markings make no sense. The pump has "in" and "out" on it but the hoses have a letter on them (unrelated to any words for in or out that I know) My dealer told me "M" goes to the "out" side of the pump. (I don't remember what the letter was on the other hose) Though he said it it really wouldn't matter if you switched them.
m=mandata= delivery
r=returno(sp)= self explanatory

And it does matter which goes where.
My hose marked "M" looks kind of crimped. Is this normal? I can't get any slack to help it either.
I used the internal fuel pump. You attach a longer hose to the tank connection and feed 12V to the pins of the connector going to the tank. Just don't make any sparks!
azarak said:
2 fuel lines, one going to each injecter
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