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So Operation "Take More **** Off the Bike" is getting underway, the emissions can finally left the building last night (not why I put that one off for so long).

Next on the chopping block is the gauges. I started thinking about doing this way back when before there were immobilizer delete options and drew out a plan to relocate the dashboard guts.

So now that there are more options it was back to the drawing board. Please lay an eye over my roadmap and see if I'm leaving out anything that will cause my bike to catch on fire and explode.

1. Have stock ECU flashed at Desmo-Porsche, DP-esque map and immobilizer delete
2. Reset TPS, CO, trim, etc
3. Remove stock dashboard (is that thing one plug into the ECU?)
4. Purchase and install Motogadget Mini using their bar clamp housing

If it's that damn easy it's just a matter of getting a kidney prepped for removal over the off season to buy the damn Motogadget.
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