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DML TShirts

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DML Logo Tshirts and Ladies tanks are now available in the Store: http://www.ducatimonster.org/products.html [smiley=waytogo.gif]
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hey schnieder got anything in another color besides black?
dude - the links are kinda off...

when you click on the text for the shirts, all that comes up is the patch info, no shirt info.

looks like the less expensive one has colors that are not as bold as the other shirt.
cool.......I got a place for that patch on my vanson.......
Don't click the "DML Logo TShirt" text; click the detail below to get the deal on it...

How about white or gray shirts too?
links are fixed, they were jacked up because i did those pages instead of the usual webmaster.

colors are a little lighter on the seconds (ask michael moore for a 2nd opinion on them, i sent him one)

no mediums because the tshirt maker told me statistically mediums never sell...and the small is almost the same size, only shorter in length...the L fits fairly slim....go for that one if you usually wear a M.

I got black only until they come out with a color that is darker (i might do the next run in a different color if there is demand for it, the grey on the tanks came out nice)
I vote for gray, I look good in gray! By the way, how do we order if we are gonna pay by MO??
Oh hell yeah, you da man. I'll be orderin a L or XL (depending on how much I drink that weekend) in the gray!
I'd be up for a gray or white large!

Scooby ;D
I bought a tank at Laguna and I love it :)
that'd be cool if you could get it in white as well
colors are a little lighter on the seconds (ask michael moore for a 2nd opinion on them, i sent him one)
My 2nd opinion is that the seconds look v. good. Unless I hold the two shirts side by side I can't really tell a difference. Good deal IMO.
what about a red tshirt?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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