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DML Monster mirrors.... Pictures please

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They look good but how much longer are the long ones....?
Pictures anyone...?
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If you are talking about the Monstrack mirrors, definitely get the long. I wasn't sure myself, and they told me about 90% of orders are for the long. They aren't too long, just right. They should be called "regular" and "short" in my opinion. The short ones wouldn't give you very good rear visibility, I don't think.

i have the monstrack "long" mirrors in black and love them. i wouldn't want them any shorter. any shorter, and all you would see would be your arms. the long terminate at the same point as the bar ends. the machining, quality and fitment are A+++. go to products review for pics. these were one of the best mods i did. 8)
don't they make them in black ?
Right now they are offering them only in black.
(i agree on the longs too)

also, ti members can order them for 10% off in the DML store ;)
black long with mirrors reversed:


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al vento said:
black long with mirrors reversed:
Those reversed mirrors really look a lot better.

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