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I agree 100%. Most of us cheap bastards havent paid a dime to participate here ( I'll get around to it eventually). I think that there should be some fee to post on the classifieds. You have to pay on every other site, so why not here- even if it is $10 until it sells....
As far as some of the items for sale on there- especially bikes, need a picture with it. I dont think it is that much to ask for. Besides, your $hit will sell faster that way.
The good people at DML admin do this basically free of charge. I think that like any other on-line " merchant" they should be rewarded for their selfless contribution. ;D
hey how about giving me one of those shirts gratis? I will model them and make the DML world famous, ok more famous. 8)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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