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Appreciate the sentiment of that post [smiley=waytogo.gif]
Here's the skinny-
the classifieds are currently free for the general selling your own stuff public.
ads cost $10 for dealers and other commercial sellers. (btw, Motostrano pays for his ads)
DML sponsors that place ads that help pay for the site get to place ads for free.
here's a list of those: http://www.ducatimonster.org/sponsors.html
i may eventually charge $5 or $10 for ads for everybody, including sponsors...but for now im trying to increase the number of ads and traffic that the classifieds receives....once we get the numbers, its worth more to advertise there.
same thing is true of the site in general...when we had 400 members and a few thousand hits per month....ads were cheap.
now that there are pushing 1500 members, 40,000 visits and 4 MILLION hits per month...ad rates have gone up.
this additional revenue will not only help pay the increased expenses, but also help to finance new activities.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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