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I am not sure where to post this, so I am posting to the general forum, but I have been concerned about something for a little while.
I have posted some items in the DML Classifieds, and browse others from time to time. Most of the time people a posting directly: stuff they no longer need, things that were upgraded, etc... This is a wonderful opportunity to buy and sell in a communal fashion, made possible free of charge by DML (Thank you). We are an online community, and commerce is a part of that - you can offer/recieve a fair price to/from your on-line neighbour, and make a friend in the mean-time.
Once in a while there are ads from Spareshack, Motowheels and Motostrano. They are sort of community stores and pay tithe to the website owners, since they have to pay for their classifieds.
And of course there are those ads that just contain links to eBay auctions. In my oppinion, this is abuse. People intent on making the absolute most (and that is what an international online auction does) from a sale, should pay the DML Admins, just like the online merchants. They are basically using the DML Classifieds to advertise items listed on another COMMERCIAL site - eBay.

My 2 Cents.

Am I completely out of line?

Let me know,

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I agree 100%. Most of us cheap bastards havent paid a dime to participate here ( I'll get around to it eventually). I think that there should be some fee to post on the classifieds. You have to pay on every other site, so why not here- even if it is $10 until it sells....
As far as some of the items for sale on there- especially bikes, need a picture with it. I dont think it is that much to ask for. Besides, your $hit will sell faster that way.
The good people at DML admin do this basically free of charge. I think that like any other on-line " merchant" they should be rewarded for their selfless contribution. ;D
hey how about giving me one of those shirts gratis? I will model them and make the DML world famous, ok more famous. 8)
I told a friend this weekend about the DML, as he is selling his Monster. He wanted to know where to post it, and I said here. I am sure he would contribute if his bike sold from being on the DML. :)
Agree with charging those who just place a link to an auction or to their own commercial site... I think it takes away from the "enthusiast" nature of DML.
preach it [smiley=waytogo.gif]
Appreciate the sentiment of that post [smiley=waytogo.gif]
Here's the skinny-
the classifieds are currently free for the general selling your own stuff public.
ads cost $10 for dealers and other commercial sellers. (btw, Motostrano pays for his ads)
DML sponsors that place ads that help pay for the site get to place ads for free.
here's a list of those: http://www.ducatimonster.org/sponsors.html
i may eventually charge $5 or $10 for ads for everybody, including sponsors...but for now im trying to increase the number of ads and traffic that the classifieds receives....once we get the numbers, its worth more to advertise there.
same thing is true of the site in general...when we had 400 members and a few thousand hits per month....ads were cheap.
now that there are pushing 1500 members, 40,000 visits and 4 MILLION hits per month...ad rates have gone up.
this additional revenue will not only help pay the increased expenses, but also help to finance new activities.
Thanks Jeff. Actually I did mention that merchants, like Motostrano, did pay for their ads. I just wanted to point out linking eBay which seems like a bad thing to do within this little social experiment of a web-site ;).

I love the classifieds. And on my last sale I donated 10.00 to DML. Just to show how much I love this site. :) Also I'd rather sell my monster stuff on this site as opposed to Ebay, it just sells faster.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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