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jerryz said:
Decided to see if I could set the TPS (Throttle position Sensor ) and balance up my Monster S4 without going to the dealer for the Mathaesis tester.

I have a Fluke Multimeter and Carbtune Balancer and Desmo Times Desmoquattro manual by LT Snyder. I spent an hour on the job it was fairly straightforward for a techie like me, although the TPS is very sensitive to the slightest movement, I did not have access to a gas tester but the bike is running beautifully .low speed is clean and crisp the new 14 Tooth sprocket also helps tickover is even.

Passed the dealer today coming back through Banglkok after a 600 mile ride,To the Hua Hin bike show.
I bought some oil filters and the Mechanic said , who set that up, cos they are the only ones in thailand with mathesis, I told him what I did and how, he was gobsmacked , he plugged in the Mathesis to check and hey presto it was all spot on .

I was a little intimidated by Fuel Injection as I have aleays been carby freak, but now , well it is not rocket science. In the future I will get a gas tester and techno research software so I can do even more , but now I am a convert to EFI,

Still love my Carbed M750 as well.

Any chance you can do a write-up on the procedure? I'm sure many people would appreciate it.
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