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Ok we get a discount of 10% for the local members. Parts only, no labor or services of any kind. --Tires will not be

Their tire prices are already pretty good locally

BTW - for those of you that worked on this, THANKS!
There is only one person who worked on this Matt....
and that was me.....and it was hard work....waiting patiently while ducman was doing my bidding.
I recently bought a mind control helmet with my coke cap points.
Needless to say John was a dificult subject. His mind kept drifting
to thoughts of oil and the next ducati tattoo.
But I prevailed in the end. So thank John as he thinks it was him.
Also mention how nice and big his new stars are, and how well the green color matches his avatar colors. ;D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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