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dirt bike bars

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All this talk of the inevitable, unpreventable, golf-ball sized tank dents has made me sorta uncomfortable. Sliders don't help. Aluminum bars bend easier. Clip-ons do it too. It's gonna happen and I can't do a thing about it except hold off on the custom paint until the ding is there and do the fix and paint all at the same time.

The problem seems to be that the bar hits the ground and flexes or bends and the switch gear proceeds to ding the tank.

The dealer suggested I reduce the steering lock farther and tip the bars a little forward, giving more clearance before the inevitable contact.

But I've had a couple of thoughts. Shorter bars should bend harder. And maybe dirt bike bars with the reinforcement strut would make a difference.

Any thoughts?

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...and turn the brake and clutch fittings down about a 1/4 turn on the controls.
Yes, exactly like those. Gimme the part number please.

Not sure I understand about the brake and clutch fittings.

Are those aluminum or steel?

(Grip heaters? - Kuhl!)

I've pretty much dropped every bike I've owned - about 14 now, I think. When the VFR rolled off the sidestand and landed on its left side I was devestated. When it coughed while cold and I dropped it almost motionlessly onto the right side, the symmetry that brought was a relief. Everything's nicely touched up and it will never fall down the first time again.

The KLR falls down out of pique. Fine. It's made to fall down.

I haven't dropped the Monster yet, but one way or the other it will fall. A nice soft one would probably be best, but who knows. I put 25,000 miles a year on motorcycles and don't baby them. It would be nice to have one that's designed to fall down without damage.

1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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