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dirt bike bars

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All this talk of the inevitable, unpreventable, golf-ball sized tank dents has made me sorta uncomfortable. Sliders don't help. Aluminum bars bend easier. Clip-ons do it too. It's gonna happen and I can't do a thing about it except hold off on the custom paint until the ding is there and do the fix and paint all at the same time.

The problem seems to be that the bar hits the ground and flexes or bends and the switch gear proceeds to ding the tank.

The dealer suggested I reduce the steering lock farther and tip the bars a little forward, giving more clearance before the inevitable contact.

But I've had a couple of thoughts. Shorter bars should bend harder. And maybe dirt bike bars with the reinforcement strut would make a difference.

Any thoughts?

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I made the same mod to my bike after seeing Jim's. The riding position is great and the bars appear to be high enough above the tank to avoid denting it if the bike is dropped. I was able to turn the connectors for the left and right switch assembly wiring to get enough slack. The only thing I had to reroute was the fast idle and throttle cables. They now pass through the frame near the steering head and pass on the backside of the top triple clamp. Part # for the bars is 607-01 (Renthal). I'm very satisfied with them and pass my thanks on to Jim for his idea and assistance.

Oh, yeah. On the brake and clutch lines; from the factory, the fittings at the master cylinders point forward. Just loosen them enough to rotate them so they point straight down. Try to get as much slack as you can on the brake hose where they mount on the lower triple clamp.
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For the Renthal bars, the cost was around $90 through my local dealer. Not bad for a significant improvement!

Don, the grip heaters came from Dual-Star (www.dual-star.com). ($29.95) My old ones had a dropping resistor for the low heat position. The new ones have two elements in each heater; one high and one low. They also use a different wattage for the brake side and the clutch side(to compensate for lack of plastic on the clutch side). They do come in handy. Believe it or not, it does get cold in Florida!!!

John, on mine I tapped into the parking lamp circuit. Surprisingly, it's on even when the headlight is on. I just pulled the headlamp out of the bucket and on mine it's the solid yellow wire. Pretty easy.

The thought has crossed my mind! Too loud for a 'Wing, tho' ;D.
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