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DFWM - A Ducati perspective on Christmas Lights!

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Top 10 Ducati reasons you may have too many Christmas lights when..
10 ..your polycarbonate helmet melts as you leave your house.
9 ..you realize that your track tires won't need tire warmers this month.
8 ..you need your dark face shield at night.
7 ..you need slit type snow goggles under that same face shield.
6 ..real "ducks" collapse in flight as they fly over your house.
5 ..real turkey vultures can thermal over your house - at night - to eat the said, real "ducks".
4 ..McCains birthday cake was a farce! (What, like 23?) (Luv Ya!. wink)
3 ..it's warm enough to ride wearing a Monster T-shirt, shorts, and sandles thru your neighborhood when it's snowing.
2.5 ..(Ya, I cheated) ..you have more lights than N2F and Swanny have posts combined!
2.25 (cheated again) N2F (Never 2 Fast) changes her name to N2B (Never 2 Bright!?) (Luv Ya! ;D!)
2 ..Jones' shiny parts don't look soo shiny anymore.
1.5 ..you have more lights than your average Harley-Davidson Road King.

and ...finally (drum roll!!!)
1 .. your "Red Duc" fades to "Barbie Pink", in the month of December!
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Rick, that's hilarious - great way to start off my Monday (except, of course, for the spewed coffee on my computer screen [laugh] )
lol thats great... thanks Rick =)

however, im 22 now not 23. Make it go down!
Forgot about the cracked leathers
the Iranians will target YOUR house for their first nuclear strike!
Hey ducandcover,
I'll leave the Iranians abilities on bombing ur house discussion for websites sponsered by FOX news.
Touche' Rami!
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