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Desmodiva video requests go here......

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Yeah we want shot's of babes......we can have a video party here after....... ;D
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all I can say is WET TSHIRT CONTEST!!! [smiley=evil.gif]
Did he win the lady lotto or something?
I thought you said she was hot though...... ::)
so are you trying to say that she is a b!tch? If she is hot, that is one thing. All she needs is an attitude adjustment.
So you ended up taking a ho to the party? hmmm, I would have been on my best worst behavior and not have felt second to you. I would have let you have all the guys. I am doing pretty good as far as that goes. I gave up men for my New Years resolution, and I am still going strong! ;)
did you walk around with a thong and just the chaps on? That always craks me up. My butt is too hairy to pull that off.
I'll set your friend straight. Put her on the back of the Monster and make her beg for mercy.
for "the most part" you were good? jeez, I would hate to hear the "naughty" stuff you guys did.
I bet your mom would be proud of you!
Maybe it is good that I didnt go. I wouldnt want the image I have of my sweet and innocent cuz being tarnished! [smiley=evil.gif]
maybe one of those pics will slide accross Hugh Hefner's desk and you will get your big break in the photo essay "the Girls of the Harley Party" hey, ya never know. Odds are your pic will end up as some little geeky kids screen saver. Oh well, it couldnt be all that bad to be idolized! ;)
hun? I think it is a little too soon for that. You havent got to know him well enough yet. What is one bad habit of his?
And your dad intimidating people? I never would have thought that. I still get nervous around him as funny as that sounds. :-[
Alright, can we see a pic of you (no, not you Tony)?!?!
hey, I have a nice a$$ too! ;D
I'll do it again when I actually get my Monster.
Something tells me that won't be a problem...
It might be kinda wierd letting my cuz see me in a bra though....
ok, we will have Retro do it then. He does that stuff for a living and has shot naked chicks before. Personally I thought a male photographer would have to be gay to not jusmp these women in the middle of a shoot. Guess that is called "professionalism" theres another funny term, and also the reason I have that restraining order against me being within 100 yards of the Playboy mansion. I swear I only slipped and my face just ended up there.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D [smiley=cheeky.gif]

Hey Tony... Want to kick some a$$??
Hey, I told you and your mom that he was bad news from the instant I found out you were dating him. That sounds like fun. Is he acting like a little bitch because you wont stay with him?
I am proud of you and your new found glory.
do you have to wait for the divorce to change your name? I would do it any way. After you do that, kick him in the balls.
yeah, party at your place sounds good.
Alright 'diva and tonyj, I posted my pic as promised now where are you two guys at with respect to your pictures?!?!
I will leave that reply up to the Diva. She was "too busy" to get together this weekend. If you look at the other threads you can see we are trying to work this whole foto thing out. Patience grasshopper..........
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