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denver area shop to paint tank

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Looking for someone local to do minor dent repair and repaint to stock. Any suggestions?
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Looks pretty pimp for anything but a harley or busa. But damn, maybe I should zombie glow my whole bike [laugh] Wouldn't have to worry about riding in the dark.
If you're interested, my painter does good work!! He paint most all the work for the Denver area harley dealers, does all the stuff for Ecosse' (Spelling??) and has done all of my bikes. Pretty expensive, but he does good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, technically it ain't the "Denver" area - but Scott Morse and crew (www.morseracing.com) in CO Springs did a fantastic job on my Aprilia Mille R. No disappointments...
Thanks for the help. But since I'm trying to keep the cost down (more money for other mods) I'm using a local dentless repair shop to take out the minor dings ($100) and probably a local body shop to do a basic repaint ($300). Got the decals off ebay for $20.
desmodevil said:
Hey before you do that.... call Rod at B-line Graphics in the Springs. He specializes in motorcycles and has done dozens of Ducati tanks (one of mine in fact) for around that same price. He matches the Ducati colors and fonts perfectly. He is a known commodity, rather than a local shop that doesnt do Ducs often. Cant hurt to call him.
That would be a great idea for someone closer to the Springs, but for me (Boulder) that would mean 5-6 hours of drive time to drop off and pick up, or paying shipping charges. Don't have the time for one, too cheap for the other.
Rocco the Chopfather is good.. hes on this board.. he also has a shop down by Erico. He custom makes choppers.. and stuff for monsters... and yes.. he's Italian :) He worked on D-man's monster... did some welding on pipe brackets... did a great job!!

Also Mike Galindo at Perry and Terry, mainly does paint.... he will do some on the side.. tell him you know me.. well he might tell you to eat sh*t... just kidding.. I grew up with him... I think he's still my friend... regardless... he does terrific work!!!
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