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Just curious how hard it is to pull dents out of exhaust. I was thinking of getting some used exhaust but they have a dent.

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i think it would be difficult... the stock cans are stainless wrapped with aluminum.
depending on where the dent is located, you might be able to.

mine were scared from the previous owner. i cored them cut them in half. the front helf was damaged on the left one... so i removed it, and replaced it with the back half.

they are half the length painted black. IMHO, they look good.
hope this helps

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The dent was on a set of termignoni alluminum exhaust on ebay.

I want to get sil hi's anyway was just curious.

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I bought my Sil high-mounts used and the left can had a pretty good rash, maybe 1/4 inch deep and roughly 2-3 inches long. I got such a good price I bought them anyway, as I knew I was going to paint them.

Here's what I did: Wet sand them to give texture. Fill in the dent/ding/rash with a nice spot of auto body filler. Reshape. Sand. Paint.

After painting (flat black, natch), they look about 95% perfect. Took a couple hours work.
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